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What's ? : October 29, 2004

Projects - LCD Projector, Digital Video Recorder, 2-Wheeled Transport, Balancing Robot, Seismometer & Telescope Controller



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Welcome fellow Solderhead!

Whether you are just getting started or you are an old hand, we hope that you will find tools and information here that make your hobby more enjoyable.

Got a great project, modification or helpful hack that you would like to share? Consider using this site as a forum to do that. If we post your material, it's your material and you get the credit--no baloney. If you don't find what you're after, please take a few moments to tell us about this too.


You made suggestions, and we have made changes:

We added a tech news page [GO]

We added a "web-mailer" that anyone can use! [GO]


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(Phil, W8IC

Jeff, N8QPJ and

Chris, N8UDK) **

Michigan Area Balloon Experimental Launch 1- An excellent example of homebrew in action! These guys combined their talents in many areas--including telemetry, RF, video, remote control and meteorology--and sent their tiny creation on a voyage to the edge of the atmosphere. CLICK HERE to learn more!



DSP-10 Project

(Bob Larkin, W7PUA) **

The DSP-10 is an amateur-radio 2-meter transceiver that can be built at home. It operates on SSB, FM and CW modes. Features are tailored to operation with weak signals on VHF, UHF and Microwave frequencies.

Click Here to Visit


MP3 Player

(Paul Stoffregen) **

This project is a stand alone MP3 player, designed for home, car, or portable use. It plays a group of MP3 files stored on a standard or laptop IDE hard disk drive... hundreds of hours using even today's low-cost drives.

Click Here to Visit


**This featured link is not affiliated with Solderhead.com, and all intellectual property rights remain with the original author(s)


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Resources for Solderheads

Here are some great web sites to get you started and keep you going...



Great Spread-Spectrum Site! Circuit Cellar
Popular Electronics Nuts & Volts
AntenneX - Antenna Journal QEX: Communications Quarterly
EPE Magazine (U.K.) Doctronics Magazine (U.K)
Silicon Chip (Australia)  


Data & Reference

Electronic Engineer's Master Ham Radio Modifications Galore
Transistor Cross-Reference Coaxial Cable Data
Electronics Tutorials Telephone Circuits Explained!
Manuals for Vintage Gear NTE Component Cross-Reference
Data Bookshelf Ethernet Reference
Modem Command Reference Batch File Reference
Cable (RJ-45) Reference Useful Component Information


Component Suppliers

Jameco Electronics Newark Electronics
All Electronics Digi-key Electronics
Mouser Electronics Allied Electronics
R.F. Parts Circuit Specialists
Dan's Small Parts  



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